KartonBox.co.id - Your Packaging Solutions

We are a specialist manufacturer of vendor cardboard box / carton duplex / dos.

We are based in Surabaya and has made a cardboard box / carton duplex / dos since 2006, for a wide range of companies both large-scale, medium and small businesses. Our customers are not only limited in Surabaya and East Java, we do the cardboard shipping box / carton duplex / dos to various cities and provinces in Indonesia. We are also exporting to several countries.

With the support of professionals and modern machines, we hope to satisfy our customers. Satisfactory results and on-time delivery are the services that we offer to our customers.

Online ordering saves you time and effort. With the rapid advancement of internet technology, you do not need to come to our place to place orders for cardboard boxes anymore. There are several methods you can do to purchase our cardboard boxes from us, namely: via the form on our website, email, Yahoo messenger or by phone.